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Estate Planning And Probate For Every Family

Every family needs to plan for the future. What that plan looks like depends on many factors, including health, financial goals and family dynamics. You do not have to be wealthy to create an estate plan. You just need a skilled attorney who can help you create a plan that fits your needs. The important thing is to do it right and to know when you have done enough to protect yourself and your family.

The attorney at Noyes & Associates, LLC, has over 10 years of experience helping families throughout Connecticut plan for the future. In addition, Shernette Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. has a Master of Laws degree from Western New England University School of Law in estate planning and elder law. She understands the importance of tailoring a plan to the needs of each individual. She can also help you administer a probate estate after a loved one dies. This can be a difficult time for many people, and she is happy to help you through the legal aspects.

Protecting Your Legacy And Your Wishes

last will and testament white printer paper
last will and testament white printer paper

Most people think of estate planning as passing on their financial assets after they are gone. That is an important aspect of the process, of course, but it is only half the story. Equally as important is planning for your own wishes as you age and who you trust to help you through that time. The basic documents Mrs. Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. recommends for her clients include:

  • Wills: This is the backbone of estate planning, which allows you to decide how your assets are distributed and who you would like to administer your probate.

  • Trusts: A trust is an entity created to handle assets for a specific purpose, and it can work in many ways. You can create one while you are still alive and decide if it should survive you after death. A trust does not have to go through probate

  • Advance health care directives: If you have a medical emergency, your advance health care directive, which may include several documents, can help you make your wishes known regarding the procedures and type of care you would like.

  • Powers of attorney: A power of attorney is an essential document to have in place before you need it. You choose someone you trust as your attorney-in-fact to act on your behalf with tasks that become more difficult as we age.

Administration Of An Estate Plan

people sitting on chairs in front of table
people sitting on chairs in front of table

After a loved one dies, someone must step in to administer the estate. If that person had an estate plan, it should name that person in the will as the executor or in a trust as the trustee. If they had no will, the court must appoint an administrator.

Acting as an executor is a big task with many legal responsibilities, which is why most people hire a lawyer to help them with the process. Attorney Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. can help you with the many steps of probating an estate, preparing the correct documents and helping you manage the assets

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