woman holding sword statue during daytime
woman holding sword statue during daytime

Guidance For The Immigration Journey

The journey through U.S. immigration laws can feel never-ending and even overwhelming at times. You may find that having a legal guide along the way can make a critical difference in your outcome.

You may also find comfort in knowing that your guide has been through it all herself and understands what you are going through.

Attorney Shernette Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. has been helping people in Connecticut with immigration matters for over 10 years. As an immigrant herself, she feels passionate about being there to navigate with each client and advocate for them every step of the way. Helping fellow immigrants is just one of the many reasons she started Noyes & Associates, LLC.

Everyone is Welcome signage
Everyone is Welcome signage

For illegal parents with adult U.S. citizen children over 21 who are unreliable or who are unwilling to assist them with the application process, this tool could be a relief.

It may be possible for parents to apply for a work permit or a green card on their own if they have experienced mistreatment or specific issues with their child. Everything about this process is kept private. The child who is a US citizen won't be harmed in any manner or experience any bad consequences.

Our primary type of case at Noyes & Associates  is a self-petition! We have had great success in empowering a great number of satisfied clients to take charge of their circumstances and receive the assistance they need.

You can qualify if -

  • Your child refuses to assist you with your application or keeps delaying it. 

  • You believe you can't rely on them for assistance.

  • Your child becomes extremely angry, even aggressive.

  • You feel obliged to act on what they say or to exercise caution in order to avoid upsetting them.

  • Your child offends you or keeps saying things to make fun of you because you are an immigrant.

  • They are having an argument with you or the rest of your family.

  • They abuse drugs or alcohol or engage in other risky behavior.

  • They have harmed you or damaged your home and belongings.

  • You are emotionally exhausted as a result of this situation.

  • You're depressed and hopeless because you adore them, but they don't respond positively.

Vawa for parents

woman holding baby beside man smiling
woman holding baby beside man smiling

What are your family visa options?

Whether you are looking to sponsor a family member for a visa or you are the one who needs the family-based visa, you should know several things about the process. Only certain family relationships qualify for different types of visas, falling into two general categories -

  • Immediate relatives: An immediate relative of a U.S. citizen will receive special preference. They include spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents.

  • Preference relatives: Other close relatives of a U.S. citizen may qualify for an immigration visa, but at a lower preference than immediate relatives. They include unmarried and married adult children and siblings. The spouses and unmarried children of permanent residents may also apply.

Many people find the required documentation confusing and long. Mrs. Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. will answer your questions and help you complete all the necessary forms, making sure they are completed correctly.

person holding USA Flag
person holding USA Flag

Achieving The dream of U.S citizenship

Achieving U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process requires many steps under the immigration laws, but it can be done.

Various factors can affect the process and length of time it takes, including how long you must be a lawful permanent resident living in the U.S. before you may apply.

Everyone’s journey looks a little bit different. Mrs. Noyes de Giron, JD.LL.M. will review your situation with you to figure out the most efficient path to citizenship for you.

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