Exposing the Immigration Myth: Notary Publics Are Not Lawyers!

by: Attorney Noyes

8/7/20231 min read

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

In the realm of immigration, staying informed is essential. At Noyes & Associates, we remain updated on legal changes and expose scams that target immigrants. In this article, we shed light on a concerning trend that preys on a widespread misconception within immigrant communities.

Demystifying the Role of Notary Publics:

You may have heard notary public can provide legal advice in the United States. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Notary publics are not lawyers! While the term "notary public" is translated to "notario público" in Spanish, a phrase used in many Latin American countries to refer to legal professionals, the role of a U.S. notary public is vastly different. In the U.S., notary publics verify and authenticate documents, confirming the signer's identity. Becoming a notary public is relatively straightforward; you can find them in banks, post offices, and various institutions. Notably, U.S. notary publics are not required to possess legal training and are prohibited from providing legal advice.

A Disturbing Pattern:

A concern arises when specific U.S. notary publics exploit this translation misunderstanding, charging immigrants for "assistance" with immigration paperwork. Unfortunately, these individuals lack the proper training to offer reliable guidance. Many immigrants have fallen victim to this trap, leading to severe consequences like rejected petitions or even deportation. With the increasing stringency of USCIS regulations, accuracy is paramount. This underscores the significance of working with an experienced immigration attorney rather than a notary public.

Choose Noyes & Associates:

Avoid falling into this fraudulent trap. When navigating immigration matters, seeking assistance from a licensed attorney with the expertise needed to support you genuinely is crucial. At Noyes & Associates, we aim to provide our clients with accessibility, personalized attention, and an ethical approach. Get in touch with our team today. We're here to help you make informed decisions for a brighter future.