Guiding Your Path to Permanent Residency: Demystifying Conditional Residency

by: Attorney Noyes

8/8/20231 min read

woman riding on man's back on green field
woman riding on man's back on green field

Embarking on the journey toward legal permanent residency is an emotional endeavor, often fraught with uncertainty and stress, especially if you're pursuing a green card without proper legal guidance. In this article, we shed light on the process of conditional residency, a crucial step for many immigrants who marry U.S. citizens.

Understanding Conditional Residency:

For immigrants entering the U.S. on a marriage visa, conditional residency becomes a significant phase on their path to becoming lawful permanent residents or green card holders. The purpose of conditional residency is to ensure the authenticity of the marital union, preventing marriages for immigration purposes.

Benefits of Conditional Residency:

During the two-year conditional residency period, you enjoy similar privileges and opportunities as a green card holder, including the right to work, initiate the application process for permanent residency, and travel internationally without prior permission.

The Time Factor and Transition:

Despite the benefits, conditional residency is not permanent—it comes with an expiration date. Preparation for the transition to lawful permanent residence is crucial as the two-year mark approaches. Seeking early guidance from an immigration attorney is highly recommended.

Removing Conditions and USCIS Verification:

Within 90 days of your conditional status expiration, you and your attorney can apply to remove the conditions attached to your residency. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) scrutinizes the authenticity of your marriage, aiming to distinguish genuine unions from fraudulent ones.

Building a Strong Case:

An experienced immigration attorney plays a pivotal role in this process. Collaborating with your attorney, you'll compile evidence that substantiates the validity of your marriage. This evidence may include joint bank accounts, shared property, family pictures, etc.

Explore Your Immigration Journey with Noyes & Associates:

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