How Can You Create a Lasting Legacy?

by: Attorney Noyes

6/13/20241 min read

Leaving a legacy through thoughtful estate planning and philanthropy is a powerful way to extend your influence and values beyond your lifetime. Here’s how you can combine these elements to make a lasting impact.

1. Define Your Legacy: Start by deciding what you want your legacy to be. It could be supporting a cause you are passionate about, funding educational opportunities, or providing for future generations of your family. Clear intentions will guide your estate planning decisions.

2. Integrate Philanthropy into Your Estate Plan: Consider setting up charitable trusts or bequests in your will to allocate funds to non-profit organizations. These tools help the causes you care about and can also provide tax benefits for your estate.

3. Consider a Donor-Advised Fund: A donor-advised fund is a philanthropic vehicle that allows you to donate money and non-cash assets over time. You can recommend grants to your favourite charities from the fund as you see fit.

4. Keep Your Family Informed: Discuss your intentions with your family. This transparency can help align your philanthropic goals with your family’s wishes and ensure a smooth transition.

5. Regular Updates: As your life circumstances and priorities change, so should your estate plan. Regularly review and adjust your strategy to ensure it continues to reflect your current wishes and financial situation.

At Noyes & Associates, we specialize in helping clients craft estate plans that reflect their desires for a meaningful legacy. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through every step, ensuring your philanthropic and familial goals are achieved.

If you’re ready to leave a legacy that echoes your values and contributions, contact Noyes & Associates today. We are committed to helping you create a plan that stands the test of time.